Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Moment in the Garden

I have had to very large bags of spring bulbs to get intot the ground and since the weather has been so unseasonably sunny and on the warmer side I decided to start the project the other day. First we took out a plant we never liked once planting it. It always seemed out of place, so out it came and left me with this area.

I dug the shape area I wanted to cram in 80 narcissi bulbs and 100 tulip bulbs, mostly all in yellow for an awsome show this spring. The narcissi bulbs were much larger than I expected and the 80 of them took most of the area I had.

Here they are. Laughing, now wouldn't this have been a much more enjoyable picture if I had snapped it before I covered the bulbs with soil?

Behind the narcissi bulbs there is another area of "stuff" that needs to be dug up. Once that is done I will cram in the 100 yellow tulip bulbs behind them. According to the bags, they are taller than the narcissi so it should make for a beautiful spot in the flower bed. It is hard to believe that we are able to be out in the yard gardening this time of the year. We need rain! Bring on the rain!


Jen said...

Those are going to be beautiful! I hope to get some bulbs into the ground at the new house next season! There is a class at the college campus here, in April, that is a one day class on gardening in our area; what plants are good etc., and I think I may take the class!

Diane said...

Do take the class! What fun you will have creating the perfect garden in Truckk weather conditions.