Friday, January 9, 2009

Winter Walk In The Garden

It is so different in this area climate wise than San Mateo was. We see the seasons in how the trees and plants look in the garden. In San Mateo, the weather was so mild all year round that there were not many changes to the look of what was in our garden. Here spring and fall are the most beautiful looking times in the garden. Summer the intense heat shows it's wear on the plants and the winter many look as if they are dead, though they come back in all their glory in the spring. The first few years we lived here, I thought everything had died in the winter and would never come back. spring is a glorious time here when the garden comes to life. Here are some shots I took on my walk through the garden yesterday morning.

Most of the trees in our garden are deciduous giving the yard a deserted barren feel.

And some things continue to grow and look greener now than they did in the heat of summer.

The roses are slowly losing their leaves this year.

There's those barren looking crepe Myrtle trees and the Chinese pastiche. Leaves every where.

A little corner of one of the side yards that stays green and pretty all year long.

Talking about leaves. These are from the Japanese purple plum tree.

The canna lilies die back and the new healthy starters grow into tall plants in the spring and summer.

The bare Japanese purple plum.

The Meyer lemon tree is laden with fruit which is almost ready for picking. I am looking forward to canning Meyer Lemon Curd and Meyer Lemon Marmalade.

The African daisies seem to thrive all year round.

The miniature rose bush on the right is one Theresa gave to us when we first moved into the house. It was in a 4-inch pot. It blooms constantly all year round as well. In the spring it is full of vibrant orange and yellow roses.

This succulent was started form a cutting form one we had in San Mateo. The summer heat turns it a bit yellow but the green comes back in the cooler months.

The jade plant that was started from one in my Nana's garden many, many years ago.

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Eileen and Stan said...

It was so nice to take a walk in your garden while I sit inside by the fire watching the snow fall. We expect about a foot of snow by tomorrow morning. Thanks for a taste of spring.