Thursday, January 15, 2009

Erin Update - 8:15 PM

Deb called to let us know that she and the kids arrived safely in Fortuna around 7:30 this evening. They stopped in Willits at the MacDonalds to eat and for Steven to play in the play area. He wasn;'t in any hurry to get back in the car at this point. Mackenzie does real well in the car for about 6 hours and then she has had it as well. They spent 1 1/2 hours there and then finished their trip home.

Erin is feeling good. They removed the drainage tube today so she is more comfortable. She has a pain medication drip that she can press a button when she needs some. She doesn;t like it because every time she has some she falls asleep. She opted to ween off of that and take a pain med's orally. All is fine on the Wall front.


Eileen and Stan said...

Happy to hear Deb and kids made it home safely. Traveling with little ones isn't easy. Hopefully Erin will continue to improve with no set backs.

Jen said...

Thanks Mom! I'm happy to hear that Erin seems to be doing well! And glad that AD and all made it home to Fortuna! Thank goodness for the Play Place :-)

Ron said...

I talked to Deb briefly as she was just getting ready to leave the McDonalds in Willits. She sounded tired and frustrated. About the only part of our brief conversation I remember was her screaming "Steven, if you wake up MacKenzie you're going to bed as soon as we get home!"

Glad to know she got back to Fortuna, she remains sane, and Steven is still alive.

Thanks for the updates.


Ron said...
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