Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My Quest For A Healtheir Lifestyle - Update

I have decided to journal my progress in a separate blog so that those of you who are not interested in following this journey do not have too. The blog tiltle is "A Life In Progress." There is a link to the new blog to the right of this post under "Favorite Blogs." My first post on the blog explains why I have decided to take this personal journey public and share it with others.


kshaw1 said...

Wow! Talk about bravery! Baring your soul about such a personal journey amazes and inspires me. Thank you for your courage and best wishes always. Love, Kathy

Eileen and Stan said...

You are brave to go public. Kudos to you Diane. I decided when I turned 60 that if I was going to be an old lady I was going to be a "LITTLE" old lady and thus began my quest for a healthier lifestyle. So far so good. Good luck on your quest! You'll get there I'm sure.