Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Erin Update - 12:30 PM

I just got off the phone with Deb. She is at the nanny park with Steven and Mackenzie. It turned out last night that Erin didn't have a private room yet as Rob thought, though they are still working on it. Rob ended up going to the motel very late for some sleep and back to the hospital this morning. Erin seems to be doing very well. She had a little nausea but it went away. Nothing like the last time, thank goodness. The doctors are even talking about releasing her earlier than planned. As long as she takes the drive home in stages, not all at once.

Deb will be bringing the kids to see her some time today. Erin was sleeping when she talked to Rob the last time.

Deb said she would call when she knew something more so I can pass the info on to you.

The prayers and good thoughts are working! Thank you.


Eileen and Stan said...

Good news! Hopefully they won't release Erin before she feels she's ready. Love and prayers to and for all. Tell Debbie that she is missing out on some chilly weather. Wish I could join her at the Nanny Park.

Jen said...

It all sounds like great news, aside from her not being in a private room yet. I hope she does get out early...what a difference from the last time! Thanks for the update!

Sarah said...

Glad to hear things are going well!!!

Love the food posts along with the new internet/cable.