Sunday, November 9, 2008

Abundance and Blessings

We always look so forward to time with our special boys and our kids.

Jacob is cutting his first tooth and he was chewing on a prosecco cork. I let him know that when he is old enough to sip prosecco he will find that it tastes much better than the cork does.

He was fascinated with his Daddy's beer bottle.

Auntie Theresa and Uncle Shawn join us too.

Mickey Turkey ready to carve. Every year we name our Thanksgiving turkey. Justin has had the honors the last two Thanksgivings.

It was a gorgeous turkey.

Waiting for the turkey to be carved.

Piping hot stuffing out of the bird.

Around the dining table. We all said things that we are grateful for. Jen shared she is grateful to be able to be a stay-at-home Mom, the love of her family, and her parents. Shawn was grateful for the opportunities he and Theresa have had. Theresa is grateful to be able to buy a new house and move, even though they do not have to. John was grateful for Jen, his children, family and being able to build a home for his family. Justin was grateful for each and everyone at the table, I was grateful for my children, grandchildren, David, being all together, the strength and love of my parents and for loving and being loved. Jacob? Well I think he was grateful for tasting mashed potatoes and turkey gravy for the first time.

Justin eating a turkey leg.

Just being Jus.

Besides eating mashed potatoes and gravy, Jacob also ate turkey and sweet potatoes out of a baby food jar. He had it all going and enjoying every minute of it.

Good wine on the table too.

Shawn and Theresa talking phone company stuff with John.

I think Jacob had as much food on his face and bob as he did in his tummy! He is just too cute and fun.

Justin's empty plate.

You just gotta love that face!

Jacob, Justin and their Mommy between dinner and dessert.

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