Saturday, November 8, 2008

Erin Update

Erin and I talked for a while yesterday on the phone. I felt quite honored since she doesn't have much voice, so she saves it to be heard in her needs and talk to her children. She is so happy to be home and with her children. The home nurse comes in the morning and sets up her IV antibiotics for the day. They despense themselves atuomatically. The only thing is Erin has to carry the bag aorund with her and she is too weak to do that, so someone once again has to walk with her and go into the bathroom with her. She was thinking of trying to rent an IV rolling stand if that is possible so she can have a little independeance back.

She said she is so grateful and appreciative of her nurses, doctors, nurses aides, friends and family caregivers. They are gettying settled in at home and she of course is very tried, though did exceptionally well on the long drive home. She gets stronger everyday.

Well, I am getting back to my family. Dabid and I have tiockets to see the musical "The Color Purple" today, but we opted to miss it to have more time with our grandsons. Time goes so fast when they are here.


txpurplerose34 said...

Thanks,Diane, for the update about Erin. It's not surprising that she is not so strong as everyone may have wished. The drive was a long one and tiring even though it may not have seemed that way. Surely, everything will work out for her being at home, resting, enjoying her family and recovering.

That you are spending "quality time" with Justin and Jacob is great. What fun for you and David to be grandparents and really good ones too. Enjoy.

Much love, Vaden

Chandelle said...

I stopped by to say hello to Erin and the family late this afternoon and had thought that it would probably be just a quick visit because Erin would be resting... Well, much to a very wonderful surprise Erin was up and washing her hair and dressed to go to church. She looked so wonderful...hearing her talk and seeing her smile and being in such good spirits made me feel really good. She was looking forward to getting out of the house. I ended up staying a bit and visiting with the family and some extra time with Steven... It just made me fell really good to see Erin looking so great :)

Diane said...

Thanks Chandelle, WONDERFUL to hear!!! Sounds like she is making great progress. Appreciate the update. Diane

Stanley said...

Thanks again for the update on Erin. Glad to hear Chandelle's report on Erin too. Hopefully Erin isn't overdoing but hope she really is feeling so much better.
Hope your Thanksgiving early weekend was super special.
Love, Eileen