Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My friend Kelli tagged me. In the spirit of friendship I am playing and tagging others. Here are the offical rules:

* Link to the person who tagged you.*

* Post the rules on your blog.*

* Write 6 random things about yourself.*

* Tag 6-ish people at the end of your post.*

* Let each person know he/she has been tagged.*

* Let the tagger know when your entry is up. *

1. When I decide to do something I jump in with both feet, rarely do I get my toes wet first. I remember Father Chad at Transfiguration Church in San Mateo where Jen and I belonged said to me when we were moving from the area, "I remember you walked in one day and said here I am and jumped right in."

2. I love the ocean. It is like a baptism to cleanse my soul.

3. In my freshman year of high school I received an A+ in Home Economics the semester we cooked. I did a special project where I invited guest to my parents house near Christmas, set the table with a holiday theme, created the menu and did the shopping and cooked and presented the meal. I remember the main course was Cornish Game Hens Stuffed with Wild Rice. The guests made comments about the evening and meal, and I included pictures. However, the semister we sewed I got a C-. I have never had the patience for sewing unless it is basically straight lines.

3. I once lived in a hippie commune in San Francisco.

4. I didn't start crafting until my late 40's.

5. Even though I ran the eatery and catered, I have never been a career minded person. I would have much prefered to have remained a stay-at-home-mom.

6. I am petrified of dogs I do not know.

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Erin said...

Auntie Diane I am not sure how to link?

Anonymous said...

Done. :) JJ

African Kelli said...

I love the part about the ocean cleansing your soul. Beautiful! Thanks for playing along.