Sunday, November 16, 2008


The Trans Siberian Orchestra concert yesterday was awesome! It was a stupendous, spectacular, poignant assemblage of voices, instruments, colors and lights. A sensory experience like you have never experienced before. The spectrum of people attending the concert ranged from teenagers, families with children to senior citizens. And David wasn't the only person there walking with a cane!

The first two-thirds of the concert was taken pretty much from the Christmas Eve and Other Stories CD, covering all the songs on the CD plus others added from The Christmas Attic CD.

The synchronized light show consisted of regular lights, lasers, tube lights and light grids above the stage (that you can see in the above picture with the line lights), that actually moved up and down, and turned in all directions. There was also snow which drifted down on the audience in the floor seats at different times.

This is an assemblage of some of the most creative and talented musicians and vocalists ever heard. The Christmas joy and story they share of extending kindness even to strangers all year long filled every one's heart with the spirit of Christmas. This group of mastermind visionaries is a must see.

The last third of the concert was a free-for-all-let's-get-crazy segment whitch included solos of both musicians and vocalists.

At one point near the end of the concert, they let lose with the light show and pyrotechnics's, using everything they have in one segment. WILD.

The pyrotechnics they used were impressive. There were many different areas with fire, and they came on and off, danced and changed colors. Let me tell you lime green fire is wild! One of the guitar players left the stage and walked up the aisle of the section we were in. We had aisle seats so he was right there next to us.

Cameras were not allowed into the concert, and all bags and purses were checked before entering the arena. I thank Theresa for using her cell phone to snap a few pictures so I could share this astounding concert experience with you. I also thank her and Shawn for taking David and I as a birthday gift to David. After the concert they also took us out to dinner to Celia's for some delicious Mexican food. It was a great time.

I'm going to sound like an ad here, but if TSO comes to your city do sttend the concert. However get your tickets right away because their concerts sell out very quickly. This is a wonderful holiday experience for every one. We decided that this needs to become a annual holiday tradition for all of us. Thanks again Theresa and Shawn, we had an awesome time!


Stanley said...

Wow! Did you feel like you were back in the 60's with the psychedelic light show? You'd enjoy seeing the museum at Bethel Woods Art Center in Bethel, NY. It's the actual site of Max Yasgur's farm where the 1969 Woodstock Festival & Concert took place. Peace!

Jen said...

I think TSO was either here Friday night, or tonight; at I think it was the Silver I can't remember; but I remember seeing it on the billboard. Kudo's for you all for being rebels and taking pictures with Theresa's cell phone! The concert sounded, and looked, amazing and I hope to see them one day. Dinner at Celia's is making me drool; I hope you smuggled some Sangria for me and some Enchiladas Suisa!! Hee hee! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Erin said...

Looks like an awesome show. I'll watch for TSO.

Diane said...

Oh Eileen, yes it did make me think of all the bands I saw at Bill Graham's Fiolmore West in the 60's, but this light show has come a loooong way from those at Filmore. I would love to see the museum at bethal art Center, the actual Woodstock farm. I always wished I could have been at the original Woodstock.

Jen, next year I hope that you, John and Justin (Jacob too young), along with Theresa, Shawn, David and I can attend the concert together. As to the sangria; it had a much stronger cherry taste again. hmmmm

Erin, I hope that you can experince the TSO concert. The only thing is when the concert first ended I felt hyper. It really is sensory overload!

Love to all, Diane