Saturday, November 1, 2008

Erin Update - 5:30 PM

I talked to Deb a bit ago. She is doing well with the kids. She was tired today and needed to take a short nap, bless her heart, but she is hanging in there. Weekdays are obviously much easier on her because Steven goes to Nellie's for pre-school. Steven had a great time trick-or-treating with his little friends last night and he is wearing his Steelers uniform again today. Too cute.

Erin is doing good. Dr. Jackler saw her yesterday and said her main goals right now have to be eating, gaining weight and getting her strength back. He talked of having her transported up to Fortuna to her home and having some kind of in-home nursing care for a while. Not sure if that was round the clock or someone who checks in on her every day. Erin is such a thin little thing to begin with so losing weight was not a good thing for her.

Deb also said she did not think they would be releasing Erin from the hospital for at least a few more days. Hope everyone is having great weekend. I am loving the rain we having!


Sarah said...

Rain...I am envious of rain.

Glad to hear Erin continues to do well.

Stanley said...

Rain - we just had a foot of snow on Wednesday.

Hopefully Erin will be able to go to her own home with the home health care. That would put every one's mind at ease. Being transported sounds like the way to go too. Hope all continues on a positive note. Hang in there Debbie! You're doing a great job!!!
Love to all,

txpurplerose34 said...

We could certainly use some of that rain, too. For November, it is hot and dry here. Glad to know that Erin continues to improve; hope she will not be released from hospital too soon, even though home is a great place to be. Love, Vaden