Monday, November 10, 2008

Erin Update

Deb called this afternoon. Erin had another bump in the road this weekend with adverse reactions to medications. The real message here is that her recovery is going to be a very slow process. She is doing good though. Everyone is grateful for the continued prayers.


Ron said...

I guess Erin went back to Emergency last night. She was throwing up and could hold nothing down. They believe it was a reaction to the 3rd spinal tap they did when she was in the hospital on Saturday. She is home again and doing well.

PS - You put my picture on your blog and you get over 100 views from all over the world in one day! LOL


Diane said...

Thanks for the update Ron. That poor woman, it has just been one thing afgter another. I am sure you all want to get off the roller coaster. I know I want the ride to end as soon as possible. Now, truly not to burst your bubble, but I had more hits than that the day before, though it looks like you did help with viewership! :-))))))