Sunday, November 9, 2008


Saturday John spent the day in Rocklin at a go-kart meeting. Justin continued to play with paper airplanes he and Uncle Shawn were making the night before after dinner. They made little small ones too out of the place cards.

Just watching cartoons while his Mom and I talk and enjoy a cup of decaf coffee. We were laughing, because it is tradition that Jen and I go shopping the day after Thanksgiving and take advantage of the fun sales. So we went to Costco with the boys and Grandad to get things we needed and we also ended up Christmas shopping too.

Scruffy is one of our cats that is afraid of having people in the house and usually hides. He decided last evening that he was coming downstairs and joining the fun. He decided that Jacob and Justin were pretty neat after all.

Justin playing "Dragons" on my laptop. It's the first time he and his Mom have played. The three of us played, taking turns and helping one another.

I love the star on Jacob's bum!

Jacob and his Grandad.

Jen and Justin playing "Dragons." I cracked up when Justin did this thing with his eyes. My brother Ron was never serious in a picture my parents took of us; he would always cross his eyes. Looks like Jus is a chip off the old block -- the old great-uncle Ron block that is.

How sweet is this face? He fills my heart with joy.

John got home late from the meeting yesterday so we had a simple dinner of spaghetti with meat sauce and grilled garlic and cheese bread.

Moments around the dinner table..................

There's that precious face again. I will admit I burst into tears as they drove out of the driveway late this morning. It's always so hard saying goodbye to Jacob and Justin until the next time. However the next time will be very soon. We are thinking of driving up to Truckee one day this week to see them. They are so special to Grandad and me.


txpurplerose34 said...

Since we could not otherwise be with you at the family Thanksgiving, I am grateful to have joined your blog with Arlen on our wedding day. Joy did abound in your home; it is so apparent in all that you have written about and the pictures of the last two days that you have shared My heart is glad, too. We love you all, Vaden

Erin said...

Definitely Joy!