Thursday, November 13, 2008

More Christmas in November

David puts the trees together each year for me to decorate. When we first moved into this house I put up 4 trees. The last few years I did 2 trees. This year I did only one tree. Older age is getting me. I used to find joy in decorating ther house for Christmas. I still enjoy them thoroughly when they are up, but I dtest taking them down. I seem to be thinking of that while I am decorating so that I do less each year!

The finished tree. This tree is done in gold, off white and cyrstal.

My lighted forest scene with snowmen. Have you gotten the snowman theme yet?

This is in the entry way. Again a lighted tree and snowmen. The basket is filled with the homemade canning I did this year as party favors for our guests.

Our kitties Christmas stockings; Poopie, Scruffy, Meiling and Riley.

Another lighted snowman.

These are both David and my very favorite Christmas decorations; Annalee Christams elves. They are so playful they make us and our gursts smile and laugh when they see them frolicking in our diningroom hutch and display cabinets.

Wheeewww, that's some champagne!

Weeeeee, party time!

Some of my kitchen related Christmas decorations. I am always on a look out for them.

There's those snowpeople again and they are baking this time.

Snowpeople cookie jar I am looking forward to filling for Justin to enjoy.

Santa s and helpers baking.

and to all a good night.........................


Stanley said...

Wow Diane! If you're doing less and less each year, I can only imagine how decked out your home must have been in your younger days. Very festive and inviting. Merry Christmas and party on!
Love, Eileen

Erin said...

Auntie Diane you may have less large decorated trees but I still saw a lot of Christmas trees and your place, like Eileen said, is very festive. I love those little elves too. Nana and Grandpa had some around their house at Christmas too.

African Kelli said...

Ack! I love it. So great!