Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wine Tasting, Gifts From the Kitchen, Cork 'n Fork

Friday night we attended a benefit wine tasting at Mc Connell Estate winery for the elementary school of friends of ours who's grandchildren attend. The tasting room is in Elk Grove and has been around for quite a while, though new to David and I. The owners have children who attend the school as well. It was limited to 30 people. Our friends Verona and Bill bought 7 tickets at the schools harvest festival a while back. We each paid them for the donation cost of the tickets we used. There were 6 wines for us to taste throughout the 2 hour event. There was a table of hot and cold appetizers as well. The tasting room was filled with unique Christmas decorations, wine related items and jewelry to purchase. It was a lovely start to the holiday season spent with good friends.

This morning I put together cookie mix in jars to complete my homemade food favors for the holiday party and as gifts. I was determined to stick with the spirit of using what I have already on hand, so I did chocolate chip cookie mix, chocolate and peanut butter chip cookie mix, mint chip cookie mix, chocolate/caramel swirl chip cookie mix and Christmas shapes and chocolate chip cookie mix. I used wide mouth quart canning jars that Eva (Grandma Hoekman) gave to me.

Holiday candy representing party prep I did this weekend as well.

Tonight was the Elk Grove Cork n Fork which was at The Brickhouse restaurant in old downtown Elk Grove. We have enjoyed this restaurant before with friends and we took Theresa and Shawn here for Theresa's birthday celebration. The woman on the far left is Norma, the president of the Newcomer's club and that's Helen to her right who is the 1st vice president.

The handsome smiling man on the right is Ed, Helen's husband. I promised I would take a picture of him facing the camera and smiling since he said I got the last shot of him with his head turned. (And I thought women were vain.)

The Dunlops. He has managed (or is that coached? I am so bad at this sport stuff) many major league baseball teams in his time. They are avid golfers in retirement.

Rosalyn and Ed. They have such a zest for life.

The group.

Who is this nice looking couple?

Group enjoyment.
That's pretty much my weekend other than other projects around the house. Tomorrow the grocery shopping begins for the holiday party at Sam's and Costco.


Sarah said...

Looks like a good weekend.

My jelly turned out great but a wee bit HOT since I did not seed them as much as I should have.

Your mixes look great.

Jen said...

Awesome pictures Mom! It sure looks like the cork and fork was a great success! And your jars of homemade gift goodies look awesome!