Friday, November 7, 2008


As I mentioned, we are having our Thaksgiving dinner celebration together as a family tonight since we will be all together. I did quite a bit of cooking yesterday so today would be a much easier day for me.

Fresh Cranberry-Orange Relish.........

Finely chop fresh cranberries and a thin skinned orange in food processor.

Add sugar to it in bowl and let stand for sugar to dissolve completely. Then stir in Cointreau.

Ready for the table.

Making pumpkin pies. Sugar and spices.

Lightly whip eggs in anoter bowl.

Add pumpkin and sugar mixture to eggs.

Mix together.

Add condensed milk and mix well.

Pour into pie shells and bake.

I am a cook, not a baker. I cheated and used prepackaged refrigerated pie crusts. They fit 9-inch pie pans, mine are 10-inch and they always cook dark for me. Hmmmmm

Mashed potatoes.......

Peel and cut potatoes in large dice and cover with cold water. Cook until tender. Rinse well and place back in the warm pot.

add cream cheese and butter and whip with handheld electrice mixer. Add milk to get the consistency you like. (You can also add sour cream instead.) Add white pepper and kosher salt to taste.

Whipped and ready to go..........

Place in a baking dish, cool comletely, then cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate. To reheat; remove plastic wrap and heat in a 350 degress F oven for 30 to 40 minutes until heated through.

Apple pie. This was homemade at apple Hill and I just had to bake it off. Look how gorgeous this crust is. Note to self: Master pie crust this coming year.

Simple fall table set.

Stained gourd, placecard and napkin on top of each plate.......

We are so looking forward to seeing the kids and grandchildren! May blessing be bountiful in your life.................


Jen said...

The table looks divine Mom! You know Justin is going to want to take that ghourd home! Ever since he picked one at the pumpkin patch he thinks they are the coolest thing! It's 10:49 am and I am ready for pie, relish, potatoes and turkey! My goodness! Everything looks so delicious and we can't wait to see you! Jacob can have some potatoes :-) We may even have a full appearance of a tooth! It's can so see it! Love you and can't wait to see you! Thank you for doing Thanksgiving early for us!

Stanley said...

What time is dinner, Diane? Everything looks wonderful. Martha Stewart eat your heart out!!
Enjoy your family Thanksgiving!
Gobble, Gobble. Love, Eileen