Sunday, November 2, 2008

Erin! Wonderful To See Your Comments!!

I have missed you Sweetie and so good to see you are feeling at least well enough to peek at blogs and your mail on the laptop. What a wonderful surprise to see your comments! Uncle David and I think about you always and continue to send prayers up and good vibes your way. We are so proud of you for doing exactly what the surgeons and doctors tell you too to get your weight and strength back again. Uncle David knows well how slow recovery can be and the frustrations that can bring with it. He also knows the importance of behaving so he doesn't end up back where he started.

Accepting that this is going to be a slower recovery than you had first hoped is the first step in getting better. You are such an amazing woman Erin. You truely are and we love you very much.

Love and hugs both you and Rob.
PS> I bet he is keeping those nurses on their toes and in line!


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Thank you so much Auntie Diane and Uncle David. I love you guys so much.