Friday, November 28, 2008


A gift for Jacob so he can be Santa at our holiday party.

I made wine journals as gifts for friends.

David's grandfathers pocket watch. His Aunt Vaden had borrowed it, had it cleaned and fixed, and sent it back to him for his birthday. He is thrilled, this watch means so much to him. Thanks Vaden!

Wrapping Christmas gifts today.

Poopie helping me; I am trying to curl the ribbon, and he grabs on to the end and I can't move it.

He had a great time. so did I. I love to watch him play because he doesn't do it all that often.

Gifts for local friends.

Gifts ready for friends who are coming to the party from out of town and state.

Gifts ready and waiting for Christmas in Truckee. with family.

A wonderful Thanksgiving gift from my brillantly creative friend Kelli. She not only presented them in a special way but she hand made the tags too!

She sewed me market bags using a vintage tablecloth! I swear I look forward to what she comes up with to make next. She fuels my creativity.

I love them, what a teasure. And I will use them all the time. Thank you Kelli!


Sarah said...

Nice day!!!

The presents are all wrapped?? I haven't even bought all of mine yet.

Love the Santa outfit.

Jen said...

Wow! Your gifts look so festive; I love that Poopie helped! I can't wait to see Jacob in his santa outfit too...he is going to look adorable! Now to find something for the rest of us to wear!

Erin said...

I love those market bags. What a cool idea! I'm going to borrow that one, Kelli. Can't wait to see you next weekend!

Eileen and Stan said...

Wow Diane, you're too organized and way ahead of my schedule. Everything looks so festive.
Love, Eileen

Diane said...

Dear Eileen, I only am this organized because I want to give gifts to friends and family who will be at the holiday party on the 6th. I shop all year long for people except for the grandkids and kids. It turned out I was able to easily find eveything for the grandkids in just about one place. I was surprised too it fell into place so easily. Now, if you saw the condition of my house, you would not say I was so organized!