Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fun In Truckee

We went to the new house when we first got in to town. It is really looking great.

The paint color choices on the interior walls are beautiful. Gives the house some extra warmth.

This is my favorite wall color. Sadly I did not do justice to the warm cinnamon tone of the wall. I am trying to decide where I can use this color in our house.

Pretty sage green tone on the walls of the great room.
Jacob with his sippy cup.

And eating dry Cheerio cereal. Like most little ones he loves them.

Playing in his Bounce Bounce Baby. He is so fun to watch and play with.

Grandad making Jacob laugh. Jacob gave Grandad a kiss afterwards too.

Jen's table. These dishes belonged to David and I and we brought them up to Jen and John. They are Denmark by Franciscan and made in England. they were our every day dishes when we lived in San Mateo. Our kitchen and dining room was done in delft in that house. They match so many things Jen and John have.

Centerpiece of gourds.

Justin scrubbing the little red potatoes for dinner.

All done and ready to be added to the pot.

Corned beef and potatoes cooking.

Jen slicing cabbage to add to pot as well. She made a delicious corned beef and cabbage dinner with potatoes.

Hanging in the kitchen while dinner was cooking. We had a great time!


AmericanKnitter said...

My former mother-in-law had those dishes. I always thought they were so beautiful...

Can't wait to see the house when it is finished!

Jen said...

We had so much fun Mom! We can't wait to see you again!

Erin said...

Love the sage green. We are painting our living room and dining room a similiar color. Jen and John have great taste in colors! How about that cinnamon color on your fireplace wall. It would make that beautiful piece you have that I dearly love a real focal point. I love the dishes and the fact they are from England makes me a bit jealous. Can you still get them anywhere? I've been thining of Corn Beef and Cabbage lately but, wasn't sure I could handle the smell yet. I'll have to have Jen share the recipe. Looks like a lovely time had by all.

Diane said...

Erin - As far as I know they stopped making the Denmark pattern. Fransician has also been bought out by another company (quite a few years ago) and I am not even sure they are in England anymore. I do know that some of these companies (you can find them on line) that sell pieces to older patterns of dishes and silver had them at one time. Auntie Diane