Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Bipartisan Political Statement - I'm Diane and I Approve This Message

Lately political emails have filled my box to overflowing -- Republicans attacking the Democrats; Democarts attacking the Republicans. ENOUGH ALREADY PLEASE! However, my friend Renee sent me a political related email and there was much discussion afterwards by most people it was sent to. It was a very interesting discussion. I want to print here what Renee's husband John said in the discussion because it is exzactly how I feel. This bipartisan lady could have written this herself.

Halloween onsie for Jacob. Too cute!

If you haven't yet, read the "Elephant" book, you will marvel at the strategy. I find the Republican message is heard by all voters, and too often the Democrat's response and subsequent dialog is wasted on other Democrat's. Instead of "preaching to the choir," they should be having more discourse with those of opposing views.

Villeroy & Boch rimmed soup bowls. Bought with Macy's Rewards coupons.

It seems to me that Democrat's spend a preponderance of their time railing at the Republicans for their "ridiculous ideas," and too little time listening, learning, and attempting to find common ground.

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It may be important to remember that all Republicans are not clones of Gerorge Bush or Dick Cheney, any more than all Democrats are clones of John Kerry or John Edwards. The vast majority of both Republicans and Democrats fall within the middle fo these two extremes.

Annalee cat witch threesome from William Glen.

To say that all Republicans represent only the privleged is unrealistic, is as unrealistic as saying that all Democrats represent only the underprivileged.

Annalee Candy Corn Witch from William Glen.

In my opinion, the only way to counteract this increasing polarization of our political discourse is to find that common ground.

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It is the responsibility of all citizens to be informed an reach decisions based on the information.

Ingredients to make wine jelly.

Those decisions should not be formaulated as a result of a single "party line," but also take into account points from opposing views.

Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Jelly

I want to stress that I am for a change from the last 8 years, but my decision will have been made with the benfit of numerous bipartisan discussions which all those close to me can attest.

Canned Gift From My Kitchen

Thank you John for saying sp perfectly what I have been thinking. Now, back to my kitchen.


Jen said...

Everything you have made looks fabulous!!! Those soup/pasta bolws are wonderful! AND I can't wait to see Jacob in that cool skeleton onesie!!! Just a couple more weeks and we'll be at your house!!! WE can't wait!!!

Jen said...

Oh, you're "I am Diane and I approve this message" made me laugh LOUD and out loud!!!