Thursday, September 25, 2008

Some Days Just Aren't What They Were Planned To Be

Yesterday I had planned to spend the day at home cooking and canning.

And deciding what fall items to fill these glass pumkins with to use as the centerpiece for my dining room table.

And what to make to fill these bottles?

And these. (There are a lot more of these that aren't shown.) Hey, all ideas are welcomed!

BUT.........our van wouldn't start, even after charging the battery. So we called AAA and they sent out Batt Man to our rescue.

Batt Man checks it out. Yep, it's gone, gone, gone.................

Do not fear, Batt Man is always prepared. Within 15 minutes the van had a spankin' new battery. Holy smoke Batt Man, that was fast and efficient. Thanks!

David decided he wanted to try driving. He hasn't been behind the wheel of a vehicle since he fractured his heel 6 months ago. I went with him just in case. He did great! YAY!!! He was so happy to be behind the wheel again he started driving all over to different stores to shop. We didn't get home until well into the afternoon. He did really good walking on cructhes all that time too.

We were expecting a gardner to come by between 3 and 5 PM to give us an estimate on pruning everythign in our back yard when the appropriate time comes. I didn't want to start canning because it isn't something you can stop in the middle of, so I got down some of the fall decorations. I decided on burnt orange candles and fall leaves in the empty glass pumpkins. I think I will set these on a black tablecloth on the dining room table.

Okay, it was time for a glass of wine. VJB Tocai. A fruity wine and very good.

I decided to keep decorating since my sister-in-law Deb, niece Erin and great-niece Mackenzie will be here Tuesday. It's a difficult time with Erin's skull-based tumor surgery right around the corner, so I think warm fall decorations are in order to brighten our spirits..

I love candles and use them every where in the house.

Material of a table runner I used.

Another table runner. The gardener never showed up nor did he call. I really do not like when people do this to others. Especially when they are supposed to be a professional. It is such a waste of time to wait around for someone and they don't even have the curtesy to call and say they can't make the appointed time.

Dinner was simple -- BBQ boneless counrty pork ribs in the oven, brown rice and steamed green beans. As much as I am disppointed I didn't get the canning done that was on my list, I did use the time to get a head start on fall decorating and making and creating a warm atmosphere for family when they come to visit. That makes me happy. All in all, it was a good day.

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