Sunday, September 21, 2008

Theresa and Shawn Experience the Local Brewfest

(This account is written by Theresa.)

Shawn's co-worker told him about the Brewfest the Rotary Club put on each year. Since the weather was going to be nice it sounded like a great day sampling beer from all over. We had a great time at the 14th annual brewfest. We had lunch at our friends restaurant O'Conner's
They have great food and then we headed to discovery park for beers around the world.

We got 10 tokens each and a 4 oz. glass as you walk in the park. We sampled 14 different beers mopst of them IPA's, Shawn did most of the drinking I think I finished only 3 of mine. My favorite was the ipa from North Coast Brewing Company, we also liked the Sierra Neveda summerfest brew.

We sample beer from Phuket it was good, it taste a lot like the Hanino beer in Tahiti.. We sampled the wining ipa from mt Shasta brewery, I'm not so sure it was the best but.

There was live music and enough shade, for only 80 standing in the sun it was was warm.

And because we were looking for shade we found out this is one event Jason and Derek usually don;t miss. Bret and his wife recognized us. It was very nice to see them and that all is going well. He said something about JAson going to Europe next week so he could not make it. To bad, well sounds like we need to make plans for next year.

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