Thursday, September 11, 2008


First off David wants to share with you that today he was able to wear a pair of shoes. Yep, both feet! This is the first time he has had a pair of shoes on his feet in 15 weeks. YAY!!!!! He also went out this morning with me to run errands and he used cructches and not a wheelchair! He did real well and both of us are very excited with the progress.

Shortcakes, Scruffy, Riley and Meiling want to show you their new water bowl. Shortcakes (aka Poopie) is most excited with it. For those of you who don't know Poopie he l;oved drinking from our fountains in the garden when he was an indoor-outdoor cat.

In fact he used to think the Rebecca by the Well fountain was his drinking bowl! We even had (actually they arew still there even though he doesn;t go outside anynmore) little cat size paths on four sides of the fountian between the miniature roses that are planted around it for him to walk on and stand to drink. He heard the sound of the water flowing into the bowl of this and he started drinking. He thinks this is the best thing. Little Riley is scared to death of it at this point. The others haven't seen it yet. We shall see how they do with it.

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Jen said...

I am so excited about David! That is such great news! I am sure he's thrilled to be in shoes again...even though he prefers to be barefoot! Hee hee! Yippee! And I am glad to see Poopie is in his glory with the water fountain. I just know Oreo and Shyla LOVE theirs and drink so much more water!