Friday, September 19, 2008

Creative, Happy and On the Go

Shopping for Jacob and Justin. I found this Halloween costume for my little pumpkin face (aka Jacob). I can't wait to see him in it!

School clothes for Justin and a pair of sweat pants.

Jacob has grown right out of the clothes he has and is now in a 6 to 9 month size. he is such a healthy little boy, but it does make me sad in a way how fast he is growing.

These outfits should help keep him warm in the cold weather Truckee gets.

I like to get started early on my gifts from my kitchen and hostess gifts for the holiday season. This is my current list I am working on.

Making the Hot Creole Seasoning.

Simple and very hot!
I hve a few people in mind who will love the heat.

The Ancho Chile Powder. Roasted the dried chiles in a hot cast iron skillet, then cut them into small pieces and ground them into a powder in a coffee grinder I use for chiles.

Quick and simple.

Mixed with dried Mexican Oregano and Cumin you have Ancho Chile Powder.

How Creole Seasoning and Ancho Chile Powder.

Freezer strawberry jam. We prefer this over cooked jam because it tastes more like fresh fruit.

Meet Peony Noir. I got her out of storage in the shed and dusted her off. Her and I are getting to know one another again. I bought her when we lived in the Sonoma wine country while our house here was being built. Great memories of riding along the well planned bike paths, out to General Vallejo's home, along the Sebastiani vineyards and around the historic downtown square . They are working on the bike paths in our community so Peony Noir and I should be making new memories soon. However, I have to admit I still am not sure how to use all the gears and I don't think I will ever get used to the brakes being on the handlebars. I instinctively use the pedals!

This is the second Drinkwell Platinum this week. The first one we bought had a defect and it would overflow onto the floor. We exchanged it yesterday and this one seems to be working properly.

Okay, in a silly moment I made this. Love the concept and am tempted to hang it.


Jen said...

The clothes look so great! And the costume...too fun and Jacob is going to look so cute in it! Thank you so much Mom! I look forward to seeing Peony again! You sure have been busy! Making spices etc. is a great gift idea! You rule!

txpurplerose34 said...

I love your blogs: the foods look beautiful and delicious; the Newcomers' lunch had to be fun, and the clothing for the boys are a delight. I do have one "tsk, tsk," however; "Her and I are getting to know one another again." PLEASE! She and I are getting.....Do have fun getting reacquainted with Peony. Big hugs...

Diane said...

Ahhh the retired school teacher caught me!!! Laughing.