Thursday, September 25, 2008


A friend recently told me after hearing about my niece Erin's skull based tumor surgery coming up in a few weeks that things such as this happening to such a young person makes him wonder if there really is a God. It is not always easy to see God's full plan when something like this happens. However I believe that things happen for us to learn. Not just to the person who is inflicted but those around them as well; the doctors, family, friends. I think of Erin's older brother Robin who is autistic. He is a wonderful teacher and inspriation to the doctors, family, friends and the world. We need him more than he needs us. God gave Robin to us not only to love but to learn from. Erin is facing this surgery with calm, dignity and grace. Yes, my friend, I do believe there is a God and he is awesome. I put Erin in HIS hands.

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