Saturday, September 6, 2008


When we arrived at the hospital yesterday for David's appointment with the surgeon we discovered they have a Farmer's Market out front every Friday morning. This was real treat to say the least! Made the trip out there fun for me.

The berries are so sweet! I am looking forward to stuffing the pascilla/poblano chiles and roasting the golden and orange carrots. I love that the orange carrots are pencil thin!

Here are a few more things I picked up at the Farmer's Market and Costco; looking forward to a tomatter sandwich today and using them in a variety of other ways. The asparagus will get grilled or roasted and I will be roasting the mini sweet peppers. Oh yum! The tangerines and lemons will be used in cooking as well as eating in their natural glory.

Last evening was out dinner group which met at Paulette's house this time around. She planned a simple grilling menu and I was to bring fruit salad. Here it is. It was so hot again yesterday that the fruit was very refreshing.

Catching up and sipping wine. Barbara, Verona and Bill and Rose brought wines this time. We forgot our contribution in wine at home! There was a variety of VJB wines of course and Barbara also brought a Turnbull cab for us to try. VERY good! I need to ask again the year it was.

Rose did the appetizers this time and she is getting them out at this point. There was an artichoke spread with jalapeno served with crostini, and mozzrella wrapped with prosciutto and basil leaves.

Bill opening and pouring wines.

Rose plating her appetizers and Paulette helping her.

Paulette's table.

Paulette marinated tri tips and grilled them outdoors. They were grilled perfectly and the marinade flavored the meat nicely.

Averill and Bob brought fresh corn.

Paulette's famous potato salad.

Verona, did dessert. We call her the dessert queen she is so good at it. This was a rustic apple and cranberry tart made with a puff pastry crust, full of apples, xcranberryies, orange essence, nuts, spices and glazed with starwberry jam. Incredibaly good. This would make a perfect Thanksgiving dessert. When I get the recipe from her I will definitely share it in my food/wine newsletter. ANYway it was a relaxed, enjoyable evening with good friends, good wine and good food.

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Sarah said...

Looks like a really yummy evening! ;)