Thursday, September 25, 2008

More Fall - Halloween Decorating

Candy corn; a special treat for Deb when she is here next week visiting. When we were teenagers (okay, don;t think of asking when that was!) we actually wrote a silly poem about candy corn.

I decided to go ahead and put some of the Halloween decorations out early since Deb, Erin and Mackenzie will be here.

These little critters are so delightful in their Halloween costumes that they are guarenteed to bring smiles.

These are Annalee dolls, and every face is handpainted and handmade so they are different. Annalee is gone now, but years ago when she first started, she made every doll by hand and painted their faces as well herself. There is a factory of people now, but they are still as creative, cute and different as they ever were.
I just love the little mice dressed as Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy. I smile every time I look at this scene.

While David was driving around yesterday, one of the stops was BelAir market. We saw this cute friendly witch and couldn't resist. She is not mean or scary, but makes us smile and laugh. We have named her Esmerelda.

The lighted pumpkins made from small branches make the designs on her clothes dance in the soft glowing light. I know Justin is going to love her. Jen, John, Jus and Jacob will be here in a few weeks visiting.

A few more fall related things around the house.......... Candles on the coffee table.

Kitchen goodies. Speaking of kitchen goodies, into my kitchen I go.................

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