Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Day In the Life of...............

Some days are just full of errands, but they still turn out to be great days.

Yesterday started with a blueberry muffin from the freezer, defrosted and warmed in the microwave, and spread with homemade Meyer Lemon Jelly. This could become addicting. (Oh oh! she says to herself.)

Then I drove David to Kaiser for an appointment.

This time it was with his Opthalmogist to check the pressure in his eyes. David has glaucoma. Pressure is good. Yay!

I brought him home and then I headed out again running errands and keeping appointments. I started at Walmart to pick up pint canning jars.

While there I saw these fleece pajama bottoms for Justin. He loves Spiderman. Pretty cool.

I still had a half hour before my appointment so I stopped in at Mervyn's and picked up a few more outfits for Jacob. Everything is just so cute Gram Gram can't resist!

Love these outfits. The light blue one is a velour type material. Very soft and cozy. Love the race cars on the jacket.

Is this just too cute or what?!

And look! It comes with a matching hat and socks! I can't wait to see Jacob wearing it!

Then it was on to the hair salon to spend an hour and a half with Robbie for some hair pampering. And not a moment too soon!

I stopped into the Korean market a few doors down from the salon to pick up some red onions (going to can more in wine vinegar) and fresh tomatoes to make Salsa Ranchera when I get home for gift giving. This market has great produce among many other wonderful items for speciality cooking Oriental/Asian style, and amazingly they have a large Mexican speciality foods area as well.

Produce ready to make Salsa Ranchera. This is an all-purpose Mexican tomato sauce, probably mostly known for Huevos Rancheras and it comes from the Central and Northern areas of Mexico I believe. It is a great tomato sauce base for all kinds of Mexcian dishes.

Chiles charring on the stovetop.

Tomatoes, charred serrano chiles, and garlic blended until fairly smooth.

Chopped white onion in vegetable oil sauteeing gently just until translucent, not brown.

Pou in blended tomato mixture and cook over medium high heat until the sauce has reduce some and is well seasoned. I made a qudrupal batch so it took about 20 minutes cooking time. One bacth might only take 5 minutes to cook down some.

In jars and cooling before going into the freezer. This sauce tends to sparate in the freezer, so just defrost and blend briefly before using. Exact ingredient amounts for 1 batch:

1 pound tomatoes, broiled or not

2 to 4 serrano chiles, charred

1 garlic clove, roughly chopped

2 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 tablespoons finely chopped white onion

1/2 teaspoon salt, or to taste


Anonymous said...

Hi just stumbled across your blog, it's wonderful how you appreciate the little things that fill a day ;) God bless you!

PetalDuster said...

I think cateloguing your day in pictures is a really nice idea. I love blogs about daily life. Happy blogging! :)

Da BitCh said...

Hello stranger!, i was just passing by and i couldn't help read about your Salsa Ranchera, here a few tip:

you should left the tomatoes charring with the serranos so it would take a better taste (i'm a mexican and i love kitchen too)

btw, could you share your homemade Meyer Lemon Jelly recipe?? ha ha ha.

thank you for appreciating our traditions.

Bless you

Jen said...

The outfits are adorable!! Jacob will look so amazing in them! They look so comfy! And Justin will love the pj bottoms! Go Spidey! Your food pictures made my mouth water!