Friday, September 5, 2008

David Update - Visit to the Surgeon

David had an appointment with Dr. Gilles this morning. The great news is that the fractures are healed and grown back together! The surgeon is pleased with how David is doing.

He needs to keep doing the therapy exercises to increase motion range and can add in stationary bike and movement in a pool. He needs to just keep trying to get 100% weight on his foot and using his walker or crutches to keep trying to walk.

Because of the way the bones fractured both squashing up and sideways, and the correction needed, David may find in walking that the one leg is now a tad shorter than his other. He was given heel lifts to place inside his shoe if he finds he needs it. He can also use it to help him place more weight on the ball of his foot, then slowly remove the layers of the lift until he is using only one level or none at all if he doesn;t need them. This will help him at first whjile the heel is still hurts when all weight is placed on it.

He can start wearing his tennis shoes which is great news as well! He still has some swelling but Dr. Gilles was not surprised or concerned about it. He also told us that David's side of the foot near the ankle will always be wider. There is not a follow-up appointment. We now call him if David needs him. More great news! He just keeps working at walking and getting the foot/heel strong again. When he feels he can drive, then he can try driving. It's up to David to continue to listen to his body and make decisions accordingly.

The surgeon did mention that some of the lower screws may become uncomfortable or may even loosen and start coming out, which would poke into David's skin and cause pain. If that happens David will have to have them removed. Of course, it may not happen and that is what we are concentrating on; just getting him walking, driving and back to normal as best we can. We also were not surprised to hear that it most likely will take a year for us to know for sure just how well it all works out. We are so very grateful to Dr. Gilles for his expertise and care, and for how he was able to take such a squashed and twisted mess, and put it back together almost perfectly. We both feel truly blessed.


david santos said...

Great work, Dianne!
Have a nice weekend.

AmericanKnitter said...

Woo hoo!

I expect to see David sprinting up the street any day now!

Erin said...

I am so glad to hear the good news! I can't wait to see Uncle David sprinting up the street. Be sure to take a picture of that.

It must feel great to begin getting back to normal. Lots of love and prayers. I hope Uncle David continues to get stronger.