Friday, October 31, 2008


I always have the best time on Halloween giving out treats to the Princesses, firemen, Supermen, Tinkerbells, Pirates, Fairies, policemen, Little Red Riding Hoods, witches, goblins and ghosts that come to our door.

Reflection of cat carved pumpkin on inside of the front door.

I always get a kick out of some of the things kids say. I had a fake rock out front that is motion activated. When it goes on lights flash on the word BEWARE and there is a creepy laugh. A little girl, I would say around 3 told me very m,atter-of-factly when I opened the door "that rock scared me," and her eyes were big and round. She was so cute and so serious I felt bad, so I took the rock inside for the evening. No more creepy laughing rocks at our house.

Poopie sitting near the front door looking at all the goblins and ghosts when I opened the door.
Another young boy, I would say he was around 7 ran to his parents waiting on the sidewalk after I had given him and his siblings candy. As he ran he was excitedly saying loudly, "I said thank you because she was very generous." I burst out laughing. Too cute! I have to say how polite all the kids were, very young to teenagers, saying thank you and wishing me a Happy Halloween. Mnay chatting as I placed candy in their bags.

One of the Jack-o-Lanterns in our upstair windows.

Two young teens, I would say 13 or 14 came to the door. They were dressed very cute as 1950's girls. One said to me, "I like your design outside. It's very nice." That of course was very sweet of her to say, but I had to think to myself, even young teens must watch HGTV!

Jack-O-Lanterns ready in the windows.

There is a lighted sign in the little window next to the front door that says "Ghost Hotel. No Vacancy." A young boy around 8 asked me, "What does that mean?" "What does what mean Honey?" I reply. "No vacancy." I explain what it means, and he answers almost disappointedly, "Oh." and walked away.

Front porch ready and waiting.
Everyone seemed to be having a fun time tonight including me. They cleaned me out of candy again this year, thankfully. That is not something I want left around the house! Our friends Jeff and Kelli that live in the neirghborhood came by with their boys and we had a chance to catch up abit with one another. It's always great seeing them. Funny how you can live just a few blocks from each other but not see one another as often as you'd like.
Well, I think I am ready for a glass of wine and a good book to read. My chaise is calling to me. Happy Halloween!

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Erin said...

What a great Halloween! Thank you for sharing. I was able to enjoy Halloween vicariously through you! I missed getting to see Halloween through particularly Steven's eyes this year but hearing your experience with the neighbor kids let me imagine. I love you Auntie Diane.