Tuesday, October 21, 2008

An Angel Visits and Other Moments

Kathy's visit last night was medicine for all of us. We had such a wonderful time seeing her and talking, and Deb, Erin and Kathy enjoyed getting to know one another better.

Erin and Kathy.
Kathy has been an angel to our family during this whole process, helping Erin and Rob when they made pre-surgery doctor visits by watching Steven, visiting in the hospital, and having lunch with Rob one day.

Sitting poolside enjoying a glass of wine and cheese and bread.

Last night while we sat in the kitchen talking she gave Erin a foot and calf massage. she is such a dear friend and so thoughtful and giving. Today Erin and I were talking and we both thought she would make such a wonderul volunteer in the Big-Sister foundation. She would be such an amazing mentor and role model for a young girl.

More of that wine and goodies.

I have alwasys known I was blessed to have Kathy in my life, and now my family feels the same way. How do you thank someone properly who has given so much of themselves to you and and then treats your family as if it is her own? I am not sure there are any words.

Erin eating Gerber Graduates Finger Foods Sweet Corn Puffs. We all decided we like them and they melt right in your mouth so they are a breeze to swallow.

OTHER MOMENTS -- This monkey is very special to our family. David had it with him when he had his major sinus surgery back in the early 90's. He passed it on to Erin when she had her first tumor surgery in 1997. She was going to send it back to her Uncle David when he had his heel surgery the beginning of June, but she was having her dizzy spells at that time and didn't venture out of the house much. Monkey is with her through this surgery and recovery as well. He is a special little guy and makes recovery just a little bit easier.

Deb checking her emails. This is where we blog from right now; the table in the motel kitchen.

My bed. Deb and I had such a time getting it together that we decided not to unfold it every night, but to just stand it up in a corner of the kitchen. It has worked well, and much easier getting the cot ready to sleep in each night.

A Mommy and Mackenzie moment.


Jen said...

It sounds, and looks, like you all had such a wonderful time with Kathy's visit! I am so happy you all got a chance to sit down and enjoy each other's company!!! And of course good wine and cheese (and Gerber Graduates!!!)

Stanley said...

Looks like you all had a much needed moment to just enjoy each other's company and fine food. You all needed a break. Kudos to Aunt Diane for sleeping on the cot. What an Aunt!!!! Hopefully you'll be back in your own bed soon,Diane. Erin will be back to her own MONKEY business soon. The monkey is a nice tradition that hopefully will not be passed on to anyone else in the family anytime soon or ever. Love to everyone, Eileen