Thursday, October 30, 2008

Erin Update - 3 PM and HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN!!!!

Just heard from my friend Kathy. She walked over to see Erin at the hospital form her office and she had so many good things to report! She said she looked SO much better than she did when she saw her Monday. She isn;t nauseated anymore so she is eating, though gets full very quickly. Her outlook and optimism as gotten better, and she showered and washed her heait today. We all know how good that makes us feel! I tried calling on Erin;s cell phone which Rob has but no answer. I will get the number to the hospoital (I have it somewhere arund here) and try calling again.

I want to say again what amazing friends and family we have. Kathy for spreading her angel wings when she can throughout this whole process, and last night my friend Sarah called to see if there was anything she could do, even financially to help Rob and Erin. (They are fine financially, do not worry.) You all have been amazing and I am so blessed to have you in my life as is my family. Sarah and I met in a private online foodie group perhaps 5 years ago and met for the first time face to face this year. We have become such good friends; she is part of our family now. For Aunt Vaden and Eileen who have been constants throughout this whole thing, commenting each day to encourage us all. To Erin's Aunt Becky for her medical books and looking things up for us when we were caring for Erin in Palo Alto as well as her music meditation CD which hekped considerably when Erin wanted music and not imagery as my meditation CD is. Deb and Ron's friends and co-workers who have been with Erin and family in spirit throughout as well. We all feel the love and we hope you do as well. Thank you! Thank you!

Hey Stan -- celebrate! We are with you in spirit! Hope your day is filled with everything you like the most. Cheers!


Sarah said...

Happy birthday Uncle Stan.

So glad that Erin is doing better.

Stanley said...

I don't know if I'm "Birthday Stan", or if you know someone else named Stan who just happens to share my natal day. However I'll accept the best wishes, THANX!
I'm quite relieved and happy each time I see positive reports on Erin. Please keep them coming. I've never doubted the power of prayer, but it's nice to get proof that it works.

Send my love to Erin, and all who are helping her through this difficult time.

txpurplerose34 said...

There are angels everywhere, and they always bring us such good news. Thanks, Kathy! Of course, Diane, you fit right in there, too. It so good to know that Erin is improving on a daily basis; ah, yes, the shower and clear hair..we all know that feeling. Much love, big hugs, Happy Hallowe'en, Vaden

Stanley said...

Wow Diane - blast from the past! I remember going to your parents house, that you have the posted picture of, many times with Debbie and Robin. Good times and memories. Thanks.

Erin said...

Happy Birthday Stan!