Thursday, October 16, 2008

Erin Update - Noon

Erin was feeling better yesterday and like so many of us do, she overdid it and had a rough middle of the night and morning. She is feeling very tired today. She stayed awake all day yesterday and worked on thre blog off and on alot of the day. She breast fed MacKenzie and starting pumping again to get her milk up so she can bond with Mackenzie that way again. Very early this morning I put on a meditation CD I have from a class that also helps with cronic pain and healing. She focused on that and did relax and fell alseep. Thismorning we used it again to relax her and put her to sleep. Eating even cream of wheat is difficult for her; her favorite thing right now is warm chicken broth. She also eats applesauce, yogurt and drinks juice, water and Ensure. Littl4e bits at a time but she is doing goo. Yesterday she walked around the room and did well on her own. Today Deb gave her a spnge bath and her sheets are beinbg changed. That always makes one feel better. She is doing well, but a harder day for her than yesterday.

Mackenzie is adorable and doing well. She seems to be content having 3 mommies right now. She and I are outside by the pool in the shade right now. She loves it out here and plays in her bouncy chair with her duck and book for hours.

This time with Deb and the girls is good. It makes the happy times even happier and the difficult times for everyone easier. Love, respect and team work is what we have going on here. There is joy to be found even in difficult moments.

Love to you all and thanks from all of us here, esecially Erin for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes for her speedy recovery.

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Stanley said...

Sounds like a little rough going. That's usually the way right out of the hospital. What's that meditation CD for chronic pain? I'll have to get it for Stan. Mackenzie must be so happy to have Mommy back. Tell Erin to be patient with herself and her recovery. It will get better. Erin had a top notch team of surgeons and now the top notch team of Mom & Aunt working their magic. Both you & Deb will need a week at a spa. Love to all, Eileen