Friday, October 17, 2008

Erin Update - 10 AM

After a rough night and morning, Erin had a very good afternoon and evening yesterday. she sat in a chair and watched TV and ate a nice portion of mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner. She has also added cream soups into her diet. She also napped yesterday which was good for her. After the sun went down, we walked Erin and Mackenzie poolside and we sat and talked in the beautiful evening air. We think the fresh air was good for her tooas well. She had a good night and a good morning so far. She is going a hour longer between her pain meds and is going to wean off one all together. She is napping now and Deb is sleeping, making up for the lost sleep with Mackenzie last night. She takes her at night and I take her during the day. We have the okay from her doctor that she can wash her hair. Hopefully she can try a shower today and wash the hair. She has been having sponge baths so far.

All is good here in our little 'house' here in Palo Alto. Routines have been made and evrything is running smoothly and calmly. Erin is really an mazing strong woman as is her Mom. Mackenzie has great roll models in her life. She is going to be some woman when she grows up!

The prayers are being heard. We can see an improvement in Erin and she feels it. Wonderful! Wonderful! Love to all.


Jen said...

I'm glad to hear that Erin is doing much better! It sounds like she had a bigger block of "good" than "bad"! I am glad to hear it. It does sound like going to the pool together and breathing in the fresh air did wonders! I hope all goes well with the shower! I bet she will LOVE it! Love you all!

Stanley said...

Nothing will make you feel better than being able to shower and wash your hair after a long time in bed. That plus getting out into the fresh air will make Erin feel like a new woman. And what a strong woman she is! Hope the wine is still flowing. You and Debbie must need it. Hugs and love to everyone.

txpurplerose34 said...

Such GOOD news; loving care works wonders for ones recupeative processes -- as do fresh air and lots of rest. We all know how much better Erin will feel with that shower and shampoo! All of you ladies are strong women full of God's grace. Love, Vaden