Saturday, October 25, 2008

Erin Update - 10 AM

I just talked to Deb. She, Rob and the kids are getting ready to change hotels. Though where they stayed last night is very nice, it is just too far away from the hospital to keep driving back and forth.

Rob spent the night with Erin at the hospital. The team of doctors came to see her and talk to him. He said they did not seem overly concerned. They also said that the ER doctor did everything and then some. She got her right on large doses of antibiotics which has made a world of difference for Erin. They are very pleased with the care she was given there. The "abscess" they saw at Sutter was actually the plug they put in during surgery, taking skin from Erin's tummy. Not knowing one was done, it's what they should have thought it was. So that is good news that there is not an abscess.

Possible other good news -- As to meningitis, the Stanford doctors have not said that yet. They know she has an infection, but they are not calling it anything in particular as of this time. When Rob and Deb hear anything more on that they I will let you know.

Erin did vomit more this morning.

As to Mackenzie -- she cut a tooth and us three gals never noticed. It took her Daddy to see it. It is not all the way out but you can see it on the bottom. She sure was good through it all!

Rob's mother is in the hospital now too! The dear has a perforated colon and is having surgery this morning. Poor Rob doesn't know if he is coming or going.


Stanley said...

Glad to hear that Rob, Steven, Debbie & Mackenzie arrived safely. I'm certain Erin's seeing Rob will improve her spirits and visa/versa. Hope they figure out just what is causing Erin's relapse. So sorry to hear about Rob's mother. We'll add her to our prayer list. Poor Rob! Hope Debbie gets settled in the new hotel and the children sleep well so she can also. Hoping for news of positive progress in future postings. Love and prayers to and for all. Eileen & Stan

txpurplerose34 said...

Rob, so sorry to hear about your mother; she is in our prayers, too. Hope you have found a comfortable place closer to Stanford. We continue to pray for Erin knowing that she will be recover. Give her our love. Hope Deb and the "Little Ones" are getting settled. Take care of yourself. Love, Vaden

Erin said...

Thanks Stanley and Vaden. So far so good with my mom and Erin! Mom is in recovery and Erin is at my side. Good places to be if you ask me!