Sunday, October 26, 2008

Erin Update 11:15 AM

Just got off the ph9one with Deb. Erin's vitals are good but she is still in pain and can't keep any food down. She was dry heaving this morning, and her color is bad today Rob said. They are treating this as if it is meningitis. They are changing her pain medications because what they are giving her isn't working. The vitals being good is great news but they need to get a handle on her antibiotics and pain med's. Deb is at the motel with the kids and Rob stays with Erin. Deb talked to Erin this morning and she said she sounded like she felt -- like crap.

The updates may not be as frequent as they have been, but I will continue to post each time I hear from Deb or Rob.

Rob's mother is doin good.


Stanley said...

What a bummer! It's worse when they can't figure out just what's causing the distress and they can't get a handle on easing the pain. Glad to hear Rob's mom is doing okay. That's a difficult surgery to recover from. So happy that Rob came down. I'm sure Erin is over joyed to have him near. Our love and prayers are with them all. Eileen

txpurplerose34 said...

Well, darn it anyway! Do hope they figure out soon what is happening so that Erin's recovery can get back on track. Glad to know that your mother is recovering, Rob; with Erin she continues to be in my thoughts that keeps them both close of God and His care, too. Lots of love and hugs to all of you, Vaden