Thursday, October 30, 2008

Erin and Deb Update - 11:45 am

Deb just called. She and the kids mad eit to Erin and Rob's house fine yesterday though it was a very long day for all of them. She made three rather long stops on the way to let Steven get out of the car and run around and play. They ate and feed Mackenzie on these stops as well. She didn;t get to the house until 6:30 that night. The kids are very happy being back in their own envoironment and Steven wants to play with his toys all at once! Deb got a great nights sleep last night and Steven went to pre-school today. They are doing Halloween and he got to wear his Steeler costume! He is a happy camper. Deb was busy getting laundry done and taking care of a few things for Erin and her own Mary Kay business.

Erin's doctors feel she has finally turned the corner. They are keeping her through the weekend at this point. It seems the last spinal tap they gave her releived the pressure in her temple. It's because she had slightly elevated CFS pressure and the spinal tap made it better, thank goodness. They also gave her a low dose of steroids which are an inflammatory. They have taken away other pressure and pain. The doctors think that the mengia got angry just like the facial nerve did in her face from all the stress of the surgery. Which by the way Rob reports is getting better! It looks like she is really on the road to recovery this time. Thank you all again for keeping up the prayers and good thoughts. Also for the love and support for Erin and her family. God bless you.


Marla said...

Once again, thank you for all the updates. I'm thankful Erin has such a wonderful mom too. EVERYONE'S a trooper by this point!

Also, now I have to go make peanut butter cookies, just cause I saw your picture of them! :)

p.s. Re: your comment on my blog -I do LOVE being a mom. Jack's a blast.

txpurplerose34 said...

Wonderful all the way around! Love, Vaden

Stanley said...

Glad everyone is doing well. Hopefully it's all positive from here on.
Love to all,