Monday, October 20, 2008

Moments in Palo Alto

Tomorrow afternoon are Erin's 2 doctor appointments. All three of us are getting excited to make the drive up to my house and getting out of this motel room. Cabin fever runs high!!!!

This was taken of Erin I believe the day after we got her home from thehospital.

Erin one of the first times she tried breast feeding Mackenzie after her surgery. If you are looking at her jamies and saying to yourself how pretty they are (I have drooled over them myself) Steven picked them out for her last Christmas from Crabtree and Evelyn. They are beautiful.

Erin walked outside and sat poolside for perhaps 15 minutes earlier this afternoon and I snapped this picture and the one below. Here she is covering the left side of her face so it looks like all her mouth is msiling. She does this to Mackenzie so she looks more like what she remembers. She makes us laugh.

There's our girl. Looking good isn't she? It appears that the feeling is coming back in th left side of her face which is great news. The flipside is that she feels more pain now, but taking the pain med a bit closer together than she was is working for her.

There is a very large hibicus bush poolside that is just gorgeous. Snapped a flower on it today.

These are shots taken of Macekenzie when she and I are poolside shot different days.

She loves being outside and the fresh air. She loves looking at everything, especially the hummingbirds in the morning glories and hibiscus bush.

Playing with her round book. She loves it.

A big yawn......

Fun in the room on her tummy.

Aunt Kim brought these for Mackenzie when she came to visit Erin in the hospital,. They are Halloween owl slippers and they rattle when you shake them. She loves them! She kicks her feet and they make noise. What can be more fun then that?

Making the farting noise...she is so funny.

Just looking cute.

And even cuter..........

Friend Kathy is coming by after she gets off of work at Stanford today. We are so looking forward to her visit. We have lots of leftover Chinese food from last night to have for dinner, and there is wine, gourmet cheeses and Acme bread Herb Slab to start with as we gab. Hopefully it won't be too cool and we can sit by the pool and have our wine and cheese.


Stanley said...

Thanks for the pictures of Erin. It's good to see her. Her beauty shines through in spite of all she has endured. I can see how you must be having a ball Diane with Mackenzie. She's a doll. Hopefully all will go well at the doctor appointments tomorrow and you'll soon be Sacramento bound. Living out of a motel room just isn't the same as home. We'll be waiting for the good news on the next blog. Love to all, Eileen & Stan

Sarah said...

Everyone looks good!

Glad the feeling is coming back and causing pain! That is definitely a good sign.

Hope all goes well tomorrow.

Ron said...

Nice to see pictures of my little girl and her little girl. Miss you all. Thanks for keeping us all updated and for caring for Erin.

Love, Ron