Friday, October 24, 2008

Erin Update - 1:15 PM

When Deb came by the house to get their things and Mackenzie, she dsaid that Erin does have meningitis. That it is bacterial and not virial so they can treat it with high doeses of antibiotics. Good thing she recongnized the signs last night (she was pretty sure this was the problem). Etin had this when she was a little girl. Her concerns made for a qwuick decison to call 911. Deb said she will keep me posted so I can continue posting updates.


txpurplerose34 said...

My heart hurts for all of you, but I know that Erin will be all right -- especially based on all that you have said, Diane. You're right about an inn with suites; they are good places to stay. Thank you, Dear, for keeping us all in the knowledge loop. Give our love and hugs to them and keep lots for yourself and David. Special love, Vaden

Stanley said...

Poor Debbie. She must be running on pure adrenaline. Mothers somehow have intuition when it comes to their children. Good thing Debbie took action when the symptoms appeared. Thank God the meningitis is bacterial and can be treated with antibiotics. Hopefully once this is resolved there will be nothing but positive progress. Thanks for all the updates. Love, hugs & prayers to all. Love, Eileen