Friday, October 24, 2008

Erin Update - 9:15 AM

Erin is having the abscess drained as I type. Rob and Steven are on their way. Deb said the ER doctor who has Erin's case and has been dealing with Dr. JAckel told her she thought Erin would be going back to Stanford and they would transport her. I am sure Dr. Jackel wants her where he can care for her.

Mackenzie, David and I are getting along fine. More when I know it. Love to all.


Ron said...

Thanks Diane for keeping up the updates. I talked with Deb and Dr. Jackman had them also do a spinal tap on Erin and the spinal fluid was cloudy suggesting spinal meningitss. Probably why Jackman wants her back at Stanford.

Thanks for taking care of my grand daughter, McKenzie. You two are going to become really good friends. Again, can't thank you enough.

If you chat with Deb, let her know that as I was going down in the elevator at noon to get away and go for a walk to sort everything out, the elevator stopped on one of the floors and the lady next to me said, "Someone got a huge bunch of Roses." I looked up and the elevator doors opposite ours were open. All you could see were roses the bouqet was so big. It filled the entire elevator opening. You could barely see the person holding them. Deb will understand.

Love you,


Sarah said...

Wow, not good news.

However, to look at the bright side, at least they were able to identify what is going on and have a plan!

Chandelle said...

Diane, I can't thank you enough for keeping us posted on Erin. I check the blogs daily at least. Please tell Erin that I have been thinking of her every day and send my hugs and positive thoughts and prayers to her and her family. Please give Erin, Mackenzie, Steven and Rob a hug from me. I am really glad she has such wonderful people around her right now for support.

Diane said...

I know the story of the roses too Ron. I know Deb will apprefite it. :-))) In all the back and forth Deb never mentioned the spinal tap or that the fluid was cloudy. GeeZ!