Friday, October 17, 2008

Erin Update - 10 PM

What a great day for everyone here. Erin enjoyed her shower and clean hair. She even dressed in a pair of shorts and tank top. She is eating well and more than she has been. She has cut one pain med out completely and the vicodin she has cut to every 6 hours or longer instead of every 4 hours. Such huge improvements! She has not suffered any neck pain tonight which is also a major improvement. Her jaw bothers her the most and that is what she needs the pain med's for more than anything else.

Speaking of oain med's -- Deb spent all day calling doctors trying to get them to fax in a refill for the liquid vicodin today since we are ready to run out and trying to get a doctor over the weekend -- well the red tape is just too much. Crazy. Deb finally got the doctor to say he was dealing with it before dinner. She can pick it up tomorrow morning thankfully.

Erin is breast feeding Mackenzie some of the time and Deb and I bottle feed her bewteen. Mac and I spent hours outdoors today. She loves it and took 2 good naps while we were outside. The room here gets so hot in this 80 plus weather we have been having and are you ready for this? There isn't any air-conditioning!!! We have a ceiling fan which has been okay not but not a great help. We asked for a fan today and they brought us one tonight. Erin has been running hotter than usual, so it is pointed at her.

Mac and I went poolside again after the sun went down to cool off while Erin had her dinner. I enjoyed a glass of wine to relax. (Yes Eileen, Deb and I have a glass or two every evening, and tonight we made it a pizza and wine night with lots of gabbing!)

We have a kitchen, so I have been sleeping in the kicthen on a cot Rob and Erin brought down. There are 2 beds in the living area of the room, and Deb and Erin each have one. It works out well.

Tomorrow morning Deb will be going back and forth to the laundry mat and getting the med and some other things at the pharmacy. I will stay with Mac and Erin.

I am so grateful for this time with Mackenzie to get to know her and for the two of us to bond as niece and auntie. For the time to be able to help care for Erin and the time with Deb as a sister-in-law and friend. I have missed her.


Sarah said...

Such great news for Erin.

A shower makes a huge difference and cutting out one med is a big deal.

I am so glad you are there to be Auntie!!

Stanley said...

Send some of that heat my way. It was 30 degrees out this morning with lots of frost. Glad to hear that Erin is doing so well. Smart move to get the RX renewal before the weekend. Fat chance of finding a doctor over a weekend. Sounds like the togetherness is VERY close there. Hope Erin's appointment next week goes well and she gets the okay to travel to your home, Diane. I'm sure Erin is anxious to get to her home and be with Rob & Steven. Our love to all, Eileen

Jen said...

Thanks for the update :-) I bet Erin felt so much better after her shower! Good call getting the RX now, before the weekend. I remember working in the pharmacy and that was ALWAYS a problem. It sounds like you have it all under control there, in the tight quarters! I hope you are all having a good day!

txpurplerose34 said...

Very little of any vintage in the Bay Area has AC; sorry that it had to be "summer" right now! Your good news is just uplifting -- to know that Erin is progressing so well. You 3 girls will be really, really close from now on in your lives. Thanks, Diane, for updates. Love and hugs to all of you,Vaden

Ron said...


You are sleeping on the cot?!! You sleeping okay? Can't tell you how much I appreciate you being there and how much easier I feel knowing you are there.

God bless you sis.