Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Erin Update - 4:10 PM

They went ahead and did another spinal tap today. The liquid was clear so that is good news. They are doing cultures on that. Erin is not feeling as well as she did yesterday, but Rob said she over-did yesterday. She doesn't have a temp this afternoon so that is even better news.

Deb has decided with the blessing of Rob and Erin to take the kids to their home in Fortuna. She doesn't see Erin and they are paying for a motel room for her to watch the kids which is silly and the bill is racking up as you can imagine. This way Steven can go back to his 3 days a week pre-school with all his friends and trick-or-treat in his own neighborhood in his Steelers uniform he has been so excited to wear on Halloween. Erin hasn't allowed him to play in it; he had to wait, so his excitment is high to wear it finally.

Erin is also starting to stress about paying bills which any of us would at this point, being gone from home so long. It has been 3 weeks for her tomorrow. Rob will show Deb what she needs to take care of it for them on the computer at home. That will ease Erin's mind as well. This way Rob and her can just concentrate on getting her strength back to make their way back home. They may need to come here for a few days when they start out and then continue on.

I think Deb's idea to bring the kids back to their own home is a very good and logical one. They will be leaving aorund 10 tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry, I forgot to ask her about Rob's mother when she called.


txpurplerose34 said...

This all sounds like a very good plan for everyone, especially Erin and the children, who always fare better at home, and it will be easier for Deb to care for them, too. The time that Erin and Rob have together will be beneficial for them both. Hopefully, she will be released very soon. Thanks, Diane, for your continued updates for all of us. Love and hugs to all, Vaden

Stanley said...

Wishing Debbie and the children a safe trip home tomorrow. It's always easier to care for the grand-kids in their own familiar surroundings with all their own toys, etc. One less worry for Erin & Rob too. They know Steven and Mackenzie will be well cared for. Hopefully Erin will continue to improve and be on her way home also very soon. I too thank you Diane for the updates. Love to all, Eileen