Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Erin Update - 2 PM

The first news Rob heard this morning that was different was that the surgery could last up to 16 hours. This of course was hard news to hear; it is so hard waiting! While Rob, Debra, David and I were having breakfast at the hospital cafeteria we saw Erin's main surgeon there. (Yep, we were thinnking those same kind of things, hee) and Rob went up to him when he was leaving. The surgeon was confident they now knew which arteries were feeding the tumor ad the first thing he did when he got in there was to cut it off. That of course is wonderful news!

After we finished eating Rob returned to the motel and the three reminng of us walked next door to The Beckman Genetic andf Molecular Research building where I used to work. The intent was seeing a coupld of long-time dear friends. Above is Auggie who we haven't seen since Jen's wedding 2 years ago!

Next was KAthy who has been such a big help to Erin and her family already. She met Erin and Rob at their first doctor visit at Stanford and watched Steven for them the entire time they were with the doctor. By the way -- she and Steven have a love affair for one another going on. Time flew by and laughter was shared beinbg with such good friends.
When we left campus we stopped at Signora's Farmer's Market at Stanford Shopping Center and went into a foodie's paradise. Deb and I actually caught ourselves fondling the gorgeous fresh produce. What can we say?! One thing I purcahsed was EVOO infused with procini mushrooms from Italy. heaven! Then it was to Fry's. The harp music yesterday relaxed Erin so much that she was able to pump milk. Up until that time her stress/nerves preventing her form being able to. We were on a hunt for a DVD player and a CD of harp music for Erin to use after the surgery. Fry's had the product but none in stock so over to Walmart we went. They came through and they get the gold star.

When we returned to the motel Deb and I ate lunch while Grandpa entertained Mckenzie. They are too cute together.

Steven was out like a light. He's one very tired little boy. Rob called the hospital about 45 minutes ago and they said everything was fine with Erin. As any of you know having sat through someone's surgery, they really don not tell you much and just how frustrating that is as the hours vontijue to go by. I will update again when I have something more. Thanks form the whole family for the love, support and prayers. We are blessed to have you all in our lives.


Jen said...

Thanks for the update Mom. I"m on pins and needles here. Thanks for the great pictures too; it's great to see Auggie and Kathy and of course the kids and Uncle Ronnie and Auntie Debbie! (And of course David too! Hee). Hearing about the harp music and your trek to Fry's and Wal-Mart brought tears to my eyes. She will be happy to know you found that stuff for her, I am sure! I'll keep checking for updates. I sure hope it doesn't take 16 hours...say HI to EVERYONE for me!

txpurplerose34 said...

Your day of renewal in Capitola looked in pictures to be just what you needed. One day, we will have to sit on the deck at Zelda's and enjoy the CA sun. So nice to see Auggie and Kathy again, too; what exceptional friends they have been for you and David. How wonderful that you were able to find the harp music for Erin...a benefit for her and Mackenzie. Though you still don't know much about Erin, I am sure that the news will be good when you do. Thanks for the uplifting reports and pictures. Love to all, Vaden

Stanley said...

It must be so hard for Steven and Mackenzie. They're so little and just don't understand. Grandmas and Grandpas are fun but no substitue for Mom & Dad. That must have been a shock seeing the surgeon. How dare he take a break! Get back in there and tend to our goddaughter! Thanks for all the updates. Hopefully they will all be positive. Love to all, Eileen & Stan