Monday, October 27, 2008

Erin Update - 9:30 PM

Deb called a while ago and Erin has had a pretty good day. She is doing good tonight. She was able to visit Erin a little bit today as well as Steven. He took his Mommy for a walk while he was there. They did do a CT Scan today and there is a very small CSF leak, but the doctor today didn't think they would need to drain it nor did he seem worried. Dr. Jackel sees her tomorrow I believe Deb said. They can't culture anything because the high doses of antibiotics given her at Sutter General up here really knocked whatever was there out. That is great news. Everyone is really pleased with the job they did here.

Deb brings the kids out to the pool each day and also takes them to a very nice local park. Steven has made a lot of new friends there and Deb sits and talks with the many Nanny's who take their charges there. She asks which one is your child and every one of the women have said, "No, I am the Nanny." She enjoys the women and their company each day.

That is really all the news. Deb and Rob are doing well and hanging in there. Deb and I were talking about Halloween and how excited Steven has been for it to get here. His Steeler football uniform costume is back in Fortuna, but if they are still there for Halloween, Deb said they will get Steven a costume and Rob can take him trick-or-treating. With everything else, especially not being with his mommy, missing trick-or-treating would be too hard.


txpurplerose34 said...

So happy that Erin is improving and that the good news continues to grow. What does Rob hear about his mother? Hope that front is good too. We love you all. Hugs, Vaden

Sarah said...

Continues to get good news!!

That is great.

Hope Steven gets to go home for his costume!

Ron said...

Poor Steven. He has been wanting to wear that Steeler outfit for Halloween. By the way, I love your pictures of the day.

Love, Ron

Stanley said...

Glad to hear the positive update on Erin. Erin must have loved seeing and walking the Steven. I'm sure Steven will have a spectacular Halloween no matter what he wears or where he is. Grammy will see to that. Happy to hear Debbie & Rob are doing well also. There's a whole new career option for Debbie - Nanny. Still praying for everyone. Hope Rob's mom is doing better. Love to all, Eileen