Wednesday, October 22, 2008

You're Right Eileen, There's No Place Like Home......

Our drive to my home from Palo Alto went very well for Erin. She did great in the van and remained comfortable during the trip. She ate MacDonald French fries and drank a chocolate milkshake. We stopped once so I could put drops in her eye since it was feeling dry, and one other time for her to switch seats to one that reclined easier. At that time Deb fed Mackenzie a bottle since she started to melt down about 10 minutes before in the Bug. About a 1/2 hour out from home Erin became tired so she put her seat back and using a pillow to help support her neck slept until we were almost home. We were all excited that Erin did so well on the trip!

Needless to say we were all very happy to be here and out of the motel room. As Sarah Palin would say, I am not hoodwinking or bamboozling you. Okie Dokey? WINK (Couldn't resist) Erin settled herself on the couch and had a snack and rested. Mackenzie was excited to have new things to look at, Deb got their things organized in their bedroom and made phonme call she needed to make, and we all just kicked back for the rest of the afternoon, talked and watched CNN. Their non-bias politics central is great. It so so refreshing to see things presented that way so you can make clear independent choices without being bombarded with bias crap.

I gathered things from the freezer, what we had brought from the motel with us and the pantry and made a simple dinner of meatloaf, fresh zucchini baked in the oven topped with Parmesan cheese and mashed potatoes. Quick and comforting. It was very nice having Erin sit at the dinner table with us and not in bed, propped up with pillows and eating there as she was. She really has made wonderful progress in the last week. We are confident that this week before she sees the doctor again will also be filled with more amazing improvements.

We came home to find beautiful 80 degree weather and no wind. Mackenzie and I took a walk through the garden paths while dinner was in the oven. She loved the sound of all the water fountains in the yard and looking at the different plants and trees. She really loves the outdoors.

It was nice to be greeted by the love of my four 'babies' when I walked in the door, showing me how much they missed me. Funny how much I miss them too when I am away. They are such sweet kitties.

We are considering going out grocery shopping tomorrow. We do have the wheelchair here if Erin finds she gets too tired walking. I am just going to throw it in the van. Erin, Deb and I also want to check out the baby and childrens clothes at Mervyn's since they are going out of business and everything is on sale. It will be very nice for all if us doing something normal together. We shall she how we all feel in the morning. Right now Deb and I are exhausted and I am sure Erin is tired as well. Boy, getting old sure creeps up on you. On that note this old lady is making her way to her own bed (so long cot) at the early hour of 8:15. The way my body feels I would swear it is midnight....................

PS -- Thank you David.


txpurplerose34 said...

11vWELCOME HOME! As Dorothy said so aptly, "There is no place like home." Erin's continued progress is a joy. Love, Vaden

Ron said...

I could feel the relief in every word tha being home brings. Diane, thanks for everything. I hope you had a great nights sleep. Enjoy shopping for baby clothes at Mervyn's. Somebody keep Deb from pulling out her credit card.

Love ya,


Stanley said...

So glad to hear that the drive went well for everyone. Erin's recovery will be on the fast track now that she's in familiar surroundings. Have fun shopping! There will be two fashion savvy babes courtesy of their Grandma's. Hope everyone had a good night's sleep last night. Thanks for the continued updates.
Love to all, Eileen