Friday, October 24, 2008

Erin Update - Noon

Deb is on her way back to the house to pack things up and get Mackenzie to make the drive to Palo Alto. Somehow in the quick calls back and forth Deb didn't mention to us that they also did the spinal tap on Erin and the fluid was cloudy which could mean meningitis, a very good reason for her surgeon to want her back at Stanford. They are waiting for a room in Stanford and then they will transport her there. Rob and Steven are driving directly to Stanford. Deb has secured a room in a inn and suites in San Carlos that will be much nicer and more comfortable than where we stayed before.

I am worried about Deb and Mackenzie making the drive down. She pulled an all-nighter and didn;t get much sleep the night before.

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Stanley said...

Thanks Diane for the updates. So sorry to hear that Erin isn't doing so great. It is good that they know what's wrong and with the possibility of meningitis that her own physicians want her back at Stanford. Our love and prayers are with Erin and all the family during this very difficult time. One must remember that this too shall pass. Love to all, Eileen