Thursday, October 23, 2008

Erin Update - 2:15 PM

After such an amzing day yesterday Erin hasn't started this one off good. She woke early this morning with a migraine and a lot of uncomfortableness in the left side of her face. She also became anxious which didn't help her relax. She stayed in bed sleeping late, and then came out to the family room, and got comfortable on the couch, where she immdiately vomited. It could be the vicodin made her vomit since it will, especially if she doesn't eat with it. She has been dozing since then (a few hours I would say) and was sipping water here and there. I went grocery shopping and brought home Gatorade so we can hydrate her and bring her electrolytes back up after the vomiting. So right now it feels like we have taken a step backwards to liquids only, but this is expected when recouping form a surgery such as the one Erin had. Please say an extra prayer to get her through this bout quickly. I will keep you posted. Love to all.


txpurplerose34 said...

It's not much later here in TX since you posted this update; however, I do hope that Erin is beginning to feel better. Recuperation is not always an easy road to travel especially when the surgery has been so extensive as the one which she had. One of the best helps is that she is home in a comfortable place with lots of help from loved ones to surround her and see that her needs are met. Yes, she is in my prayers still. Give her hugs from Vaden. Love and hugs to all of you, too. Vaden

Stanley said...

One step ahead and two steps backwards. Sorry to hear Erin is having a bad day. Maybe too much excitement yesterday. It was a long day for her I'm sure. Mickey D's fries and a shake maybe too much for her stomach after soft and liquids for so long. Migraines are horrible - Stan & Erica get them a lot. Hope Erin has a better night and wakes feeling better. Gator aid is a good thing. Love and prayers, Eileen

Sarah said...

Vicodan makes me feel icky too! Especially when taken on an empty stomach.

I hope tomorrow is a better day.