Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Day of Renewal

We had a perfect day on the coast yesterday and the weather was better than they even saw during the summer. We spent time in both Capitola and on the pier in Santa Cruz. Most of the Capitola pictures were taken while we sat on the outdoor deck of Zelda's having a cocktail and apperizer. Zelda's is located right on the beach and a perfect place to be on a hot sunny day in Capitola.

A new tile art wall along the beachfront. The tiles seem to be all painted by people who have attended the festivals in town. Really awesome.

Thw deck at Zelda's. The beach is right on the other side and that is where we sat.

We had our own food guard.

This is actually a person swimming.

Santa Cruz Pier

These two were funny. The sea lion on the right casme from his piling over the the one's on the left and wanted it. They argued as you see here. Then the inrtuder shoved the poor other into the water and took his place as you can see in the shot below.

Now I have to tell you what steven told me when I showed him the picture of the sea lions arguing and the story. He tols me that he caught 'one of those' in a tree with a net. Yep! he was very serious. When I asked him if he put it into the bathtub when he brought it home becasue they like water, he thought for a moment and then answered yes. He then said he let it go though. I was so tempted to ask if he let it go down the drain! He has such a wonderful imagination!

Th Santa Cruz boardwalk, takemn from the pier.

Dry rotting parts of the pier they are replacing

Another part of the pier that has been totally removed and being replaced.

Visiting with Ron, Deb and the kids after we checked into the motel. They were enjoying their pasta dinner that Ron amde for them. Steven loves the penne without 'that red stuff' on it. A littlr butter he likes.

Chewing on a piece of penne with butter

We brought a bottle of wine to try. It's nice; full-bodied and lots of pepper.

Ron enjoying the red onion wedges in red wine vinegar I canned. He agreed, we are right back at our Nana and Nono's kitchen table in San Francisco when we wree children eating them and dipping them in olive oil.

Poor Mackenzie had a melt down for a while. She was missing Erin; looking all over for her.

Steven waiting for Grammy to read him a story nefore going to sleep.

Bless his heart, he feel asleep waiting while Grammy calmed Mackenzie down. I tried to read him the book, but he said no, he wanted 'her' pointing to his Grammy. Too cute.

Taken while Ron, Deb, David and I sat around the pool and talked last night. We were out there for a couple of hours at least waiting for news form Rob who was at the hospital.

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